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Immerse yourself into the world of pristine sound inspired by legends, colors & emotions, people and real life.

About M2TECH Audio

M2Tech Audio is an award winning consumer electronics manufacturer.

We are enabling computer audio playback, digital to analog and analog to digital conversion, dual drive Class A headphone amplification, advanced data clocking, phono-stage amplification, system pre-amplification, power amplifiers, low noise power supplies and advanced USB to S/PDIF signal converters.


  • Audio Review No 374, April 2016 (Italy)
    “…together with the Van Der Graaf, the Young DSD rises to an absolute level…” “By adding the Van Der Graaf, all features so far described are – sensibly – more marked, coming very close to perfection, and I wouldn’t know what more to ask to a conversion unit.” Read or download the entire review
  • John Scott is disappointed by receiving 3 half size units sold at full price. What a nice suprise when he hook them to his speakers and an incredible, undeniably full-size sound comes out! At the end of the story, M2Tech Rockstars separates deserve the “Highly Recommended” stamp by Hi-Fi Pig. Read the full review here.
    HiFi Pig, July 2018 (Italy)
  • Kurt Lassen
    HiFi Statement, August 2014 (Germany)
    “Der Van Der Graaf zoomt die Aufnahmeräume auf Breitwandformat, verbessert die Durchzeichnung und spendiert zur Bass-Fülle die entsprechende Präzision. M2TECH gelingt mit dieser Kombination die Synthese von High End und Vernunft. Einfach klasse!” Read the entire review.