Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Review

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Review: An Audiophile’s Dream

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Bottom Line

The Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless is an excellent Bluetooth headphone, although it doesn’t have every feature that a modern headphone should have. Despite the high cost, this is a sound and durable headphone.

We examined several Beyerdynamic headphones over the last few months from expensive open-back headphones to gaming headphones. But now the company is focused on wireless options, and sound quality is at the forefront. The Amiron Wireless is a pair of Bluetooth headphones targeted at people who want a premium audio experience without any strings attached (I couldn’t resist). Is that you?


The Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless is a premium wireless headphone that offers a comfortable fit and good isolation.

The design of the Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless is simple, yet effective. The ear cups are made from soft plastic that provides an excellent fit and makes the headphones very lightweight. The ear cups are also removable so you can use them as you want without worrying about scratching or damaging them.

The speaker placement on these headphones is good and provides great sound quality for music lovers who want to listen to their favorite tunes without having to worry about any background noise. With its open-back design, this headphone can be used in all types of environments – indoor and outdoor – without the risk of damage from your surroundings.

What do you think about the Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless?

Even if you have deep pockets, you may still be able to afford the Amiron Wireless headset, which runs around $549 USD.

You may also use the MIY app’s hearing test during setup to personalize the sound.


The Amiron Wireless headset is well-built and sturdy. It has an industrial look and feel to it, as metal and plush padding combine to create a very sturdy and huggable product. It is, however, a little bit heavy and thick. When I put this headset on, I feel like I am wearing a very cushy helmet. Furthermore, the metal construction, plush padding, and passive isolation teamed together to create a great seal that blocks out noise passively. This headset, however, is a bit too loose. If I look down at my feet quickly, it will fall off my head.

5 hours is the amount of time I can listen to the headset without needing a break. The padding gets too warm, instead of being uncomfortable, and I want my ears to breathe rather than be comfortable.

The Amiron Wireless is constructed of metal, except for the headband, which is covered in padding like the ear cups. I think the design is cool, but I don’t particularly like it. When they’re on my cranium, the Amiron Wireless looks especially large and conspicuous. This will make you stick out, even though you wear minimal clothes.

The Amiron Wireless’s biggest drawbacks are that it’s not a portable Bluetooth headset and that the ear cups don’t fold or rotate. You look comical and uncomfortable if you let them drop to your neck when the Amiron Wireless is not in use. Naturally, you’ll need a bag.

There’s nothing on the left ear cup but the Beyerdynamic logo. In contrast, the right cup has a power button, Bluetooth pairing button, 3.5mm input, and USB Type-C input. There’s also a touch-sensitive pad for controlling music playback on the side. The controls are not as intuitive as I would like, in my opinion.


You must be purposeful or mechanical in your gestures if you want to access the playback controls on these earbuds. You can fast-forward or rewind by swiping and holding, skip tracks by swiping left or right, increase or decrease volume by tapping up or down, pause or play music by double-tapping the center of the pad, and access your smartphone’s assistant by tapping once and holding.

You’re correct, Amiron Wireless is complex to master. However, it isn’t rocket science. After a while, you get accustomed to it. Even though you can swipe across the ear cup for the Amiron Wireless to recognize your command.

MIY Beyerdynamic app

MIY Beyerdynamic has an excellent app on iOS and Android. There are plenty of headphones that come with an app, however, this one seems to be useful. When setting up your machine, you can take a brief hearing test that tests both your left and right ear to determine how much you can hear. Afterward, your music is adjusted to provide you with a complete experience. Hearing is different for everyone, so seeing Beyerdynamic taking steps to address that is nice.


If you’re looking for Bluetooth connectivity, the Amiron Wireless from Beyerdynamic is not to be ignored. The headphone is equipped with almost all of the codecs found in the latest Bluetooth headphones, except Sony’s LDAC. You get aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL, AAC, and SBC. If you prefer to use a cable, you can plug one in instead.

To use aptX HD, you must press the power button for two seconds and then drag one finger up on the touchpad. What is the reason for this? I have no idea, and if I had not gone looking for the instructions on how to playback, I would have missed this feature entirely. Why was Beyerdynamic unable to just include this feature in the app?

Battery life

Our test sample got 30 hours of usage, playing real music, with a peak SPL of 75dB. Your results may vary depending on the volume at which you listen to your music. It charges via USB-C cable, which was innovative at the time and has since become standard.

Noise isolation

Passive isolation is used to block out external noises on the Amiron Wireless, and it does not have active noise cancelling (ANC). You can get the Sony WH-1000XM4, Bose QuietComfort 45, or one of the best noise cancelling headphones to get ANC. The isolation is decent, but this headset requires that you get a precise fit with the ear pads. Make sure there are no gaps between the ear pads and your head before using it.


The Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless sounds terrific. Its frequency response matches the studio curve very closely. The sub-bass under-emphasis is not as impressive as it looks since these frequencies are difficult to hear in the first place. In addition to the MIY app, you will need to download a third-party EQ app to adjust the sound in a more sophisticated way than the one offered by the app.

Lows, mids, and highs

Starts with a powerful drum kit that remains consistent throughout the entire song, even when the bass and other instruments enter. The drums still produce that signature bump even on low notes, but I can still hear the vocals without any trouble.

The vocal elements are clear, but not every song. The vocal elements are obscured by the synth employed throughout the tune. It is difficult to isolate which sounds are coming from which instruments.


The Amiron Wireless has a built-in microphone that you can use to take calls on the go. It has a 3.5mm cable that also houses a microphone, so you can take calls using it. It sounds slightly better than the Bluetooth version.

Should you buy the Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless?

The Amiron Wireless fits well with Beyerdynamic’s premium headphones. This wireless headphone is not the best if you plan to walk around town or travel to work. It’s easy to persuade someone to purchase these headphones since it delivers clear audio without restricting their fun.

The Amiron Wireless is a nice headset that works well in the studio, but it’s not my first choice. I’d go with the cheaper Studio-friendly headphones if I were buying them. You’re probably buying it because you want the best sound a Bluetooth headset can deliver—even if it makes you look like you’re wearing robot ears.