M2Tech Srl teams up with All Engineering BV, creating a new company called M2Tech Audio B.V., leveraging the global infrastructure to serve clients more effectively

Because you like music.

Has been the reason for clients all over the world to adopt the superior audio products of M2Tech. And just like in the real world, change is a necessity to grow in order to develop new products, spread the word about the products and most and foremost, make sure all the existing and new clients are to experience perfect products, great support and new innovations.

Continuing creating great innovations, as you would expect from the pioneers of digital streaming is the reason that we at M2Tech, have decided to team up with All Engineering B.V. from the Netherlands, a long standing partner and known for their pristine Non Oversampling Digital to Analog converters, manufactured and marketed under the brand name Metrum Acoustics™.

Since late 2017, Metrum Acoustics™ has undergone a radical transition, management changed, yet the lead engineers remained active in the company. The change in approach has caused a landslide difference in how the Metrum Acoustics™ products are promoted and adopted by clients all over the world.

For M2Tech Srl, it became obvious that change is inevitable, and teaming up with Metrum Acoustics™ was the right decision to go ahead. The team under Mr. Marco Manunta will remain in place, products will maintain their own identity, including the unique sound of the M2tech products.

The partnership between M2Tech Srl and M2Tech Audio B.v., is a joint initiative where M2Tech Audio B.V. will be the exclusive logistics, sales and marketing company for the M2Tech products. The respective engineering teams of M2Tech and Metrum Acoustics will continue to work on their own unique and highly appraised developments, yet within this partnership it speaks for itself that cross engineering and joint development are strong possibilities to bring more innovative products to market, branded under the respective product names.

Anjo De Heus, CEO of All Engineering, will remain the executive overseeing the market development of M2Tech Srl and All Engineering B.V. and the new company, M2Tech Audio B.V..

Mr. Cees Ruijtenberg, lead engineer for Metrum Acoustics™ and Mr. Marco Manunta of M2tech Srl, will both continue their roles as influencers, innovators, designers and lead engineers and they will work closely together on delivering new innovations.

Needless to say that with two,globally recognized and highly respected designers and engineers of the audio industry, decades of knowledge come together which obviously will result in exciting innovations in the field of digital to analog conversion, but also in high end audio in general.

Both the teams of Metrum Acoustics™ and M2Tech are excited about this opportunity, and for all of us, this new era will open up great opportunities for clients, whether pro-sumers or individual consumers globally! As stated before, both brands will maintain their unique signature, yet for existing and new clients more choices of flavor will be offered in terms of products and services.

M2TECH Mission

M2Tech mission is to design equipment to enjoy music at its best.

We believe that the quality of the sound is fundamental to fully appreciate music, because the perception of the musical nuances in a musical performance, as well as the correct delivery of all the environmental sonic information that make the signature of the venue in which music is played and recorded, contribute to the emotional side of music listening. And music is all about emotions.
But there’s more. When we design a circuit, or a PCB, or write a firmware, we see beyond the mere mechanical exercise: for us, using a CAD or a software development tool is like being in front of a canvas with the brush in one hand and the palette in the other one, totally lost in the creative process. Because we love what we do and we feel that there’s more to a hifi piece of equipment than just a collection of electronic parts and a metal case.

We hope that you’ll like and love your M2Tech products the way we do! Please take your time to read our privacy policy.