Rockstar Series by M2Tech Audio

Rockstar Series by M2Tech Audio

The sound quality of equipment used to listen to music is overly important. In fact, it’s not only the music’s structure and texture to communicate us the emotions in the score, nor is only the musicians’ panache, sensibility and ability: the sound quality is fundamental to allow the music to effortlessly flow to our ears, brain and heart, with its content of details, nuances, small shifts in pitch and intensity, as well with its dynamic changes and, last but not least, its three-dimensional organization in the space before us.

An audio device which delivers a flat, boring rendition of the recorded musical event, one in which details are lost, dynamic flattened and the sound picture is lacking any depth, well, such device won’t be able to convey emotions, turning an emotive experience in a mere cerebral exercise which will bore the listener after a few minutes.

That’s why our Rockstars Series products are mainly made to emotionate, by delivering the whole musical event to the listener, with all its details, dynamic changes and with a 3D positioning of each instrument and singer as in the original event.

A complete hi-fi system can be composed with Rockstars Series products, user must only provide a turntable, one or more digital sources (including a computer) and two speakers.

Our Rockstar Series